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Sat, Nov. 22nd, 2008, 09:23 pm
hell_and_bliss8: 7x7 Rewind : Best D/E episode ever!

"America needs me " - "No I need you. Come here, come on, stay with me..."   [ D&E in 7.7 Rewind ]

Rewind was the cutest D/E episode ever. I wanted to share my review of this episode here. It was definitely the cutest and most beautiful and sweetest DannyElena centric of all the show...don't  you agree?

Danny said Elena that he still loves her. That was so cute. I'm just in love with this episode. D/E shippers, do you like it? :)

I also made some D/E banners about Rewind.  10 banners.

preview :

Wanna see more? ->  [ Elena, I still love you...]